Founded in 2014 by a group of thespians who realized that exciting theater in LA needed attention and created a company that brings immersive and interactive performances to the audience.


Three friends with a shared passion and aspirations for theater realized the potential an intimate theater experience brings and created a team and business model to make it possible after a living room performance was a hit.

PopUp Theatre LA can "pop up" anywhere in town. Where and When you see the next show is all up to you. Pick a play from the repertoire and we will bring a quality production and cater it to your audience and space. The pop-up concept may seem like a millennial concept, but it is inspired by the intimacy of yesteryears salon-style theater and theater in the round.

We have created a formula that can transport a wonderful selection of plays to any location. Be part of our movement to allow theatre to thrive by coming to our limited seating public shows or, even better, hire a performance for your home.