How We Operate


The focus of our plays is on the writing and performances. Because one is sitting so close to the action, there is no need for elaborate sets and lighting.

Our shows feature small casts of elite actors and a story fit for the space. With the removal of a stage and amphitheater seating, the audience finds themselves amongst the set, fully immersed into the world of the play

PopUp Theatre LA has in house costumes, props, and technical support, but it is the story and performances that will transport the audience into another world. Only requiring a half hour on either end to set up and take down, it will be a seamless experience as any space transforms.



"The future comes whether you resist it or not..."


Come into the immersive world where you and your fellow audience members witness Molly and her boyfriend Graham, a year after her sister Natalie's disappearance, arrive at her last known location -- a creepy apartment filled with strangely realistic mannequins, including one that looks suspiciously like Natalie. The apartment is inhabited by the mysterious Patrick, whose intuition borders on the supernatural. As the night wears on, Molly is forced to face some terrifying realities... and begins to question who she can really trust.

Gypsy Machine has performed at The Bunker Hill Towers in Downtown LA and the Bearded Lady's Mystic Museum in Burbank and will be performed at the Sutter Theater in San Francisco in late September. It is currently available.



What do we owe the people we love the most and the strangers who land on our doorstep?


A newlywed couple fixes up two romantically challenged friends: wife's best friend, meet husband's sexy and strange new co-worker. When an evening calculated to bring happiness takes a dark turn, crisis and comedy ensue in this wickedly funny play.

Becky Shaw was performed in Venice Beach and for the Pilot Light Foundation. It is currently available.



"Going to bed may just be the most complicated action we could contemplate at this moment in time"


Pygmalion goes awry in this contemporary comedy of manners which explores sexual harassment, misplaced amour, and the possibility of a four sided love triangle. The combatants are a sexy, volatile young woman and three Back Bay types: a writer, a lawyer, and a fiancee in sensible shoes.

Spike Heels was performed in The Bunker Hill Towers in Downtown LA and at SpaceBohemia.



The Beginning of Error


A newly discovered journal recalls Greenwich Village in the early 1960s when two young architects (unaware they're on the brink of fame) struggle with plans for the iconic Janeway House. The journal is left to their children thirty years later, who must sort out the murky mystery behind their lives - and their loves.

Three Days of Rain was performed in West Hollywood, at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and for the Actor's Fund.



An original "happening" experience in the style of 1960s absurdism. Featuring a fortune teller, living dolls, and a Psychiatrist Cat.

A Private Event performance for the Palm Springs Photography Council